World Oceans Day!!!

I moved near the ocean for several reasons. One reason is my love of water. If you take a peek at my nutrition business logo, it is a drop of water. Living near the ocean has helped me respect our environment and our interaction with the earth, water, and food.

Mother Nature has thrown some curve balls over the past few years – hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, fires, and volcanoes just to name a few. Still, we all can help keep this planet beautiful place to live.

This week, join others in cleaning up our water. You can join a beach clean up. If you don’t live close to the ocean or other body of water, other opportunities for water or environmental savings are available. It can be as easy as using a reusable water bottle rather than plastic.  Or … not using a plastic bag in the store.

Here’s my personal look at the ocean: Worlds Ocean Day 2018

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