Women Restorative Health and Lifestyle

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C.M. Leawood, Kansas

Hi Sally! Wanted to tell you it was one year ago today that I met with you and I weighed 146 pounds. And I started my healthy eating plan, gluten-free and dairy free eating and this morning I weighed myself in here at home and I weigh 124 so I'm 22 pounds down and continue to maintain that weight. I'm sure I'll gain a pound or two this winter which is normal with less exercise but I'm certainly still eating very healthy! I ran 4 miles Sunday and ran 3 miles today absolutely loving this weather. Hope you're doing well. If you want to grab a tea during the holidays let me know!! 


A.R. Prairie Village

Hi Sally! Well, I have some really exciting news! I just found out a couple days ago that I'm five weeks pregnant. ( without fertility treatment !) I’d like to meet with you to make sure that I'm getting the right nutrition and taking the right supplements. Do you have any availability next week? …. PS- I found out I am having twins!!! It must be all the good nutrients I was eating ????! 

MRT/LEAP Program Lifestyle Changes

L.O. Washington, D.C.

After suffering for years with stomach pain, seeing multiple doctors and trying various diets, I finally went to Sally who has helped me immensely. My stomach pain used to leave me exhausted, affect my work, and often leave me confined to my apartment on the weekends. Working with Sally over the past year has been incredibly helpful.  Through a process of vitamins, diet, and eventually the MRT/LEAP program I have found life altering changes. I am less exhausted, feel better and am overall happier not dealing with constant digestive symptoms and having it affect every area of my life. The MRT/LEAP program was also extremely valuable, as it eliminated the guess work out of what foods affected me. The ability to work off a base the program provided, has allowed my digestive tract to heal, and ultimately feel better. This program has allowed me to live without being controlled by my symptoms and the fear that used to consume me every time I ate. I would definitely recommend working with Sally and this program to anyone in a similar situation.