Prosperity – Can we use business to better the planet?

Those that know me understand that my social media skills are minimal. And keeping up posts on my blogs is far from perfect. Regardless of my media skill deficit, I am passionate about sustainable living and giving back to our earth. I have always encountered a struggle with how I could make a difference. How could any of us make an impact on some of the huge environmental, societal, and nutritional/health issues at hand in the US and over the globe? Seems overwhelming. Solutions? Watch this free documentary – Prosperity

Moving to the west coast and restarting my business and life was my opportunity to speak out more, become more involved and do my best to make a difference.  I have been following and Pedram Shojai for quite some time. I have always enjoyed his message and values. The  “Prosperity” message is simple, positive, and gives hope and ways to act.

What I liked the most is the optimistic spirit of what we can do rather than just telling all the headaches, corruption, and poor practices.  The documentary shows how big and small businesses creatively reformulate to sustainable and positive workplaces. It also show us how to support those businesses, how to how to bank, how to invest your retirement funds, how to work, and… how to be a conscious consumer.

Main action plan points:

  • Spend
  • Work
  • Invest
  • Bank
  • Act

Please take time to view to this film and see how you make a difference.

Sally –