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Improving women’s life quality pre-conception through post menopause

By all means, this is the most common struggle that I see in my office. It took me years of counseling women and their families and successes to realize the joy I receive when a past struggling women comes back and announces that she is now pregnant… or when a post menopausal women reports that her brain fog is gone and her energy is boosted! After working with women’s in a variety of jobs, from high risk pregnancy, fertility programs, endocrine clinics to eating disorders programs, I have discovered a unique approach with fertility, endocrine dysfunction and anti-aging nutrition. At my age, I have also been through several phases of a woman’s life… now entering “wise woman phase”. I certainly feel I can empathize! Please have a conversation with me to see if I can assist you on your goals and journey.

Women’s Nutrition Coaching provides:

  • Complete evaluation of your personal medical history, hormonal history, environment and nutrition.
  • Nutrient related testing, if needed - provided by your practitioner or our sources.
  • Map out strategies based on our assessment and information from other medical professionals on your team.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle plan based on: hormonal history, metabolic history, medications and medical history, symptoms,and nutrient history.
  • Dietary - detailed nutrition education and counseling ongoing and changing step by step
  • Environmental - support of any toxic load
  • Emotional support - related to nutrition and lifestyle
  • Couples and family - lifestyle and nutrition evaluation and support

3-6 month Personalized Individual Functional NutritionServices. In pre-fertility counseling all women will benefit from early intervention months prior to conception. However, any timing of intervention can make a difference. Our monthly group will have opportunity for you to share with others.

Women's Issues, PCOS , Fertility

Did you know that women have heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and autoimmune disease at a greater rate than men? Female hormones, body fat, and eating styles can work with you or against you. You can control your eating and body by making the right food choices gained through nutrition counseling. This article discusses nutrition and women's issues, PCOS and fertility.

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Personalized Individual Functional NutritionServices

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