Digestion – Bloat, Brain Fog, Gas, IBS – Programs No Longer Available

Core of your symptoms starts with healing the gut!

There’s a 30 foot “tube” that runs through our body is the gateway to our nutrition. What’s in the digestive tract is literally “outside our body”. What we eat critically affects our digestive environment, our hormones, our microbiome, our brain health, mood and nutrient absorption into our body. Yet, your digestion could be preventing you from feeling good or preventing you from current or future chronic diseases. Digestive health is my specialty. The more I see clients struggling with digestive health, the more I understand that there is NOT one size fits all solution to your gut.

All these symptoms may be related to your digestion:

  • Food and wellness, energy, performance
  • Digestive issues, bloat, celiac, gas, IBS, burp
  • Fatigue, brain fog, energy
  • Fertility, menopause, weight imbalances
  • Migraines, and other inflammatory conditions related to food and sensitivities.

If you receive a clean bill of health from your practitioner and still struggle, nutrition may be the solution. But just don’t guess! Only treating symptoms may cause other nutrient deficiencies and consequences. Instead, find the root cause by someone with experience. This is especially critical for active people and athletes who may be limited in their performance goals due to their digestive symptoms.

Get results and feel better! Digestive health benefits from Bodyfuel’s Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle services. Food comes first! After assessment the Nutrition and Lifestyle plan may suggest other testing to dig deeper into cause / solutions.

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