Nutrition & Lifestyle Program - Programs are not longer available. 

Plans are customized to your personal needs. All plans are anti-aging, promoting longevity, life quality, improving energy AND planet-friendly. Lifestyle transformation takes commitment. Although you may see your symptoms go away in the first few weeks, your internal “self” may take three, six months  or longer to “re-set”.  Programs run from 3 - 12 months.

  • Step 1: Pre-appointment goals and set up. Once registered for an appointment, you will complete forms and return any pertinent past history and labs.
  • Step 2: Assessment and interpretation - This longer first visit ( 75 minutes) will take a deeper look into your history  and start your goals and planning.  Introductory handouts, goals, nutrition meal planning and other information will be given at this appointment. Your road to increased energy and lifestyle wellness. Additional nutritional related testing is offered when needed.
  • Step 3: Preparation to start - How to get your home and current workplace ready for your. How to overcome barriers and struggles.
  • Step 4: Action plan - Starting Your Personal Nutrition cleansing plan. This is unique based on your history, assessment and testing to your personal needs. The plan may change over time. This is NOT a “canned” program.
  • Step 5: Fine tuning and getting to core causes based on biochemical markers, environmental, emotional, etc. This is where the “rubber hits the road” and can help determine your core root causes for your struggles.
  • Step 6: Ongoing support, education and evaluation. You nutrition plan, lifestyle goals, and supplements will be adapted as your internal body changes and symptoms are reduced.

Your personalized plan will include:

  • Meal plan recommendations
  • Exercise plan
  • Stress protocol
  • Sleep protocol
  • Possible Supplement support
  • Laboratory testing suggestions, if needed
  • Environmental & lifestyle recommendations