Mother’s Day Reflection

This has been an earth changing day with much reflection. Being a mother gives one a feeling of the ongoing continuation of life from generation to generation. I felt this today. I was able to briefly talk to my elderly mother. Conversations with her are typically brief and simple – all she has energy for these days. I also talked to all three of my daughters and reflected on my grandchildren. I pulled out photos tucked away for the “home staging” of my grandchildren’s “baby” photos.

This Mother Day is different. And my mother, my daughters, and grandchildren have given me strength to live outside my past “shell”.  This year, I am moving into the unknown of making a major change in my life. Mothers are a tough breed!

Here’s the story so far…

I have a passion for the ocean, always have. I spend much of my time watching sea animals, birds, and breathing the salty air of the ocean – when I can. I also love helping others find their best life through healthy living, plant-based, fresh, and mindful of the planet. I love helping others sort out their path to wellness… physical, and emotional. So the problem?  I live a thousand of miles from the nearest ocean.

So as of last night, I am picking up my life of living in the same place for over 27 years and moving. This means selling the home where I raised my children, eliminating a vast portion of my possessions and just going with my “gut” instincts.

This Mother’s Day, I committed to change and move on with my dream. This also means changing my 15 year old business focus from the midwest office to  an online program and in the west.  If I fail, I know that I am doing what is best and will be helping others to a better path in their lives. I want to make sure that my online message is one that I also live – of passion and respect for the earth, the ocean, and planet. Part of healthy nutrition is also being mindful of toxins and foods from our resources in the earth and sea. It also means protecting our resources – the air, the ocean, and soils from these toxins. Going forward, I want to give back. So each time that I (virtually) see a person, I will contribute a portion of their investment to one of my favorite organizations. These include – Mission BlueEWG Environmental Working GroupMonterey Bay, and others on my resources list.

I am starting to believe that every 10 or 15 years a major life shift is good. As a perpetual planner, I am often too cautious. This is the first time in years I have made a decision and not known the outcome or where it would lead. But I feel great today. And I feel good about the future. If my non-plan fails, I’m okay.

Happy Mothers Day, to all mothers – and mother earth!

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  1. I absolutely love this! Brings me to tears… bravery is such an honorable characteristic. Many people never experience the true zest of life by simply living in their comfort zone.

    I believe in you!

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