Healing Hands of Energy

This has been a very life changing few weeks for me ….

I have been through a lot of reflection over the past couple of weeks and feel a sense of calm. I was able to have some closure on my Dad’s death – Though not sure if I have completely grieved yet.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity for a bit of self-care through an energy healing session with Corie Mustoe cmustoe@earthlink.net  (913) 963-7474.  I have know Corie for years. I first met her when we were both providing company wellness for a nearby business. Corie was a guest speaker teaching about aromatherapy. I instantly loved her practical ideas, her passion for her work and her ease of connecting and  teaching others. We have kept contact since that time and occasionally meet to chat. Although our lives are different, I could feel that our energies are connected.

Recently, she added energy healing to her business. Yesterday, I went to her studio, located in a beautiful sun drenched room lightly scented with “calm” – a perfect setting on this nice fall day,. We had a brief meditation and proceeded to the hands on healing. I started to relax and could feel the sensations moving through my limbs. the heat from her hands and the most interesting vision of color and light. At one point, I dozed off… another point, I could feel the warmth, energy, and my body move. It was all so fascinating and restful! I understand that everyone’s experience is different. I left calm with a smile on my face.

In my practice, I help patients seeking resolution of fatigue, brain fog, body issues, fertility, aging through nutrition – and nutrition good food and environment is where I begin. But people are whole with a web of needs. Corie is part of the whole person wellness! If you are a woman in the  Kansas City area going through a transitional time, I highly suggest to try Corie’s energy healing (Corie Mustoe cmustoe@earthlink.net  (913) 963-7474). I know she has a gift – and I will return for another session soon!