Gluten Free Workshop Starts the New Year!

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in Farm Belly’s “Cooking With Herbs” class hosted by chef and teacher Michelle Aronson. Immediately, I knew I met someone special! After class, Michelle and I chatted about our similar philosophies, home towns, and business goals. Our conversations grew to our decision to collaborate on a workshop. Amidst all the holiday bustle, we decided to move forward with our first project together – to simplify all the confusion, myths and realities that surround gluten free living. Partnering in the lovely new space of Well Dermatology, we are moving forward on this workshop!

Our Gluten Free workshop is scheduled for Jan 18th, 2018 presented by Michelle Aronson, owner of Farm Belly as chef, and Sally Berry of Bodyfuel Nutrition as functional dietitian nutritionist. As a hands-on workshop, this one will likely fill up fast. It’s perfect for that last minute holiday gift or perfect way to start the new year! Here’s the link;