EWG shows us the way!

I love this video!!! EWG Verified Raises the Bar Although this ad is humorous, EWG brings up a good point – do we really challenge ourselves in our health goals? Or do we take the easy road?

I have been using the EWG app and resources for several years. EWG did the hard work in determining which food were the safest to eat and which foods were most important to buy organic. I have referred just about everyone to this resource. But out environment is also what we put on our skin and what we wash with. I love that they took the next step with the EWG verification program.

EWG.org check it out

Making changes can be tough! But well worth the journey. EWG – thank you for helping us strive for higher standards. This EWG app is a great way to make sure you know that your products are coming from a good source –

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