Nutrition Business Coaching

Helping Nutrition Professionals Become Successful

After being a mentor and preceptor for graduating students for more than 15 years, I decided it was time to help those that are interested in expanding into nutrition and lifestyle career. I want to share what I’ve learned to help other become successful in their career journey.

Are you desiring to learn about a functional lifestyle medicine nutrition approach?

Do you feel “stuck” and want the tools to move into a more rewarding area of nutrition?

Do you need a personal “coach” with nutrition business experience?

Have you wasted time and money on inadequate trainings?

Are you seeking reliable training for post graduation nutrition?

Do you have the skills to run the daily task of business ownership (legal, financial, office set-up, insurance, marketing …)

Nutrition Business Coaching Benefits

Clinical knowledge is about 25% of what a practitioner needs to know to be successful. What are the other component? My favs are people skills, counseling skills, business sense, functional medicine and environmental education, marketing, and thinking “on your feet”. There’s more! I am constantly learning from others. I have found excellent support in other organizations and functional nutrition resources. The resources are in a “sea” of too many options. Some programs are excellent and others drain your investment.

  • Refine your future career path
  • Find out which cost effective training programs are the best for you
  • Gain the skills to set up your own career
  • Feel confident to move ahead of the pack
  • Quick and easy business plan set-up
  • Personal coaching attention for your goals

I frequently receive contacts from new dietitian/nutritionist wanting to start their own practice or just grow their skills. I also receive calls from those who love nutrition and healthy lifestyle, but don’t know how to get started on this career or where to go for additional information. After all the science, training, school and internships, are you really qualified or still “green”? As a business owner of several ventures and owning a successful nutrition business for 15 years, I have been through many successes – and mistakes! Most importantly, I have gained much insight through  my patients, business mentors, staff, and colleagues.


I was never told that in school!

I have been out working for a while, but felt stuck in an area of nutrition that is not what I want to do. Bodyfuel showed me on how to move ahead? I now stand out in the crowd of wellness professionals. I have more knowledge, tools and confidence to  change to a career path that is rewarding.

I had no idea what was needed to put my practice together! Sally’s experience and suggestions were invaluable!

I have put a lot of time and investment into programs that did not reap me information – I now know where to go for training without wasting more time and money on the wrong program.

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