Best Water Ever!!! KOPU Sparkling Water

Have you ever been out to eat or in a hotel and yearned for a great water? I’m constantly looking for a “thirst quencher” without compromising  healthy sustainable living. I’m not a fan of the plastic containers or lugging around glass.

Earlier this week, I met with Justin, the founder of KOPU Water. I wanted to learn more about KOPU water and the company.  If I was to recommend for my patients at Bodyfuel, KOPU would have to be:

  • free of contaminants – both water and container
  • coming from a good source
  • be eco- friendly & recyclable
  • pass MY taste test

What I discovered was that the KOPU Water is sourced from an aquifer way below the earth’s surface in a remote area in New Zealand. Maritime transport assures than energy/fuel efficiency is top priority.

After our friendly meeting … I brought my KOPU Sparkliing Water pack home and took it for a taste test. The blue aluminum container is lightweight and recyclable. I popped open the wide mouth screw top and started pouring into my glass.  If I wanted to save after opening, I could seal back the top and keep the bubbles trapped.

Results? Wow, I loved it – just like a good champaign!  There is no comparison to other sparkling water options. Hands down KOPU has them beat. I hope to see KOPU Sparkling Water in more restaurants and shops as an alternative to the less adequate water products. As of this week, Kopu Water is available through eCommerce.

So try it!

Simply fuel your body,

Sally –