Beans vs Meat – what’s the best choice?

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Beans anyone?

This article first grabbed my attention in a Linked In group of T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies.

In this University of Copenhagen study, protein is once again addressed – but not in a popular Paleo way! This article and the newest edition of “The China Study” addresses all the current high protein plans and diets. When you think about your health and environmental savings, check out this excerpt from Science News, Beans and Peas Increase Fullness

To top off the week,  my copy  of Campbell and Campbell’s “The China Study” revised 2016 book landed on my doorstep – double yah! This is the perfect timing for deep reading on a  frigid cold day. The China Study is very complete plant-based living reference showing  excellent peer reviewed references that help back up the written words. It’s detailed, yet simple enough for anyone to grasp the concepts.

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