Our Story

The Birth of Bodyfuel & Berry Creatives

Bodyfuel Nutrition (now a division of Berry Creatives) was Sally’s opportunity to step beyond her traditional training and start working holistically – providing each person with the tools to gain their unique lifestyle, wellness and energy through plant based whole foods. Since 2002, Berry has developed a proven system that has helped over 4000 clients get results. This system continues be improved based on research, experience and additional testing.

The move to California in 2017 resulted in company vision and structure changes along with name change from Bodyfuel to Berry Creatives.  The core of our program still starts with taking care of our internal self, micronutrient evaluation / testing and good whole planet-friendly food resulting in lifetime wellness and most importantly …. helping to change our environment. Each person has a customized plan that can be effective anywhere with virtual counseling. This year, we will start transitioning to a visual arts focus as a means to convey the environmental mission.

Through visual arts and education I hope to share with and help those who struggle with their nutrition or how they feel to improve life quality and slow aging …. while at the same time improve the future of our earth.

By taking care of ourselves we can help change our environment

Sally J Berry MA RDN

Sally Berry