Frequent Questions

The best way to detoxify is not a prescription, but through nutrition and our environment! Who is best to guide you through this process but a trained Integrative Functional Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. Only about 10 percent of your risk of disease is due to genetics; the other 90 percent comes from those daily choices that you make about how you live you life. There are ways you can reset your cells and how they express your DNA. I can’t wait to share it with you.

What is IFN Integrative Functional Nutrition?

  • System approach – looking holistically at the whole person.. not just your “parts”.
  • Personalized – not a “canned” program, but digging into your unique needs based on your personal history, genetics, environment, stress level, food, clinical signs and biomedical markers.
  • Root cause- digging into the root cause of your symptoms in order to educated and change you to lifetime wellness, fertility, and quality longevity.

What nutrition services do you provide?

The focus is on functional and environmental wellness nutrition in these focus areas:

  • Energy / fatigue / performance
  • Fertility / longevity / anti-aging
  • PCOS / body compositional /weight issues /emotional eating / cravings
  • Digestive / gut bloat / IBS / food sensitivities /celiac / vegetarian / migraines
  • Or just wanting to improve your lifestyle wellness, balance, sustainability

Do you recommend nutritional testing?

Sometimes, but diet and lifestyle is first! Common testing recommendations:

  • MRT / LEAP food sensitivity program
  • Micronutrient and Biochemical Analysis
  • Digestion – Stool samples, Celiac testing
  • Testing may be through my office and through your personal healthcare practitioner. I look at what you and your practitioner has completed first.

What sets you apart from others?

With 35+ years of nutrition counseling experience and over 4000 clients, my system-based program has a proven track record. But… I’m constantly researching and learning to update my system! We integrate our proven system-based program, not just patching your symptoms giving a canned diet.

There are cheaper companies. Why should I choose yours?

The market is flooded with nutrition options from which you can choose- from weekend trained “coaches” to doctors and celebs. Everyone loves the field of nutrition! They understand it is the next best medicine … And it is currently a multi-billion dollar market! I truly believe I have something better to offer you with my biochemical integrative functional nutrition training, my persistence, and my years of refining my system and experience working with clients. Our particular rates are based on experience, time involved and the fact that our value is in our skill level and finished product. I see less clients and spend more time planning and prepping for each individual. Sometimes when clients gravitate towards a cheaper support service, they find that the programs are “canned” fitting everyone in the same solution, less experience, or less comprehensive in assessment tools. Some programs are selling you a product or supplements instead of results oriented. So, just remember that we are here ready to give you reliable and professional service that you can count on. Please ask questions about my programs. I want you to feel comfortable about your decision.

Why longer programs of 3-6 months?

We can often decrease some of your symptoms fairly quickly… but what is the long term effect? For instance, a supplement may make you feel better – just like a pain killer for a backache. Does this action take away the cause? Can it cause more nutritional deficiencies? Long term solutions and lifetime energy and wellness take patience and time. Sometimes, we need to “peel off” layers one by one. Some nutrient and core issues take 6 months to start to resolve.

Who do you prefer to work with as your clients?

I have never had 2 clients the same… all very individual. But I must admit I have been very successful with 1) Female (fertility/aging/PCOS) issues, 2) Unresolvable digestive/food sensitivity issues 3) Energy and brain fog affecting performance. I also have helped thousands with just desiring to be accountable over changing their life habits. For successful outcome you need to be invested in your future!

What is your approach to nutrition and wellness?

Environmental, functional, system-based. This is not just another restrictive diet or calorie counting. The approach to nutrition is wellness oriented, utilizing whole real plant-focused sustainable foods that result a greener planet.

We start with digging into your history and current diet and activities. Food and lifestyle first. This is where the most progress is made. We make sure that you know what to eat, your personal nutrient balance and timing, why, and how to prepare. This is individualized to you.

Then, we did deeper. Look at your activity, your stress, your lifestyle, your travels. We may ask you to receive further testing either to solve nutritional deficiencies, root causes or even to set up an individualized anti-inflammation elimination food plan to start you to decrease inflammation, fluid weight, and other symptoms, and heal the gut.

Do you suggest supplementation?

Food is first, but supplements may be part of supporting your health. We will determine through your history and testing your additional needs. Then we will educate on supplements. We will also guide you toward a safe, practical supplement with the correct dosage, the right chemical form and free from dangerous contaminants and compliant with anti-doping regulations.

I know a lot about nutrition and exercise – but still struggle with symptoms. Can you help?

Yes! Often, clients know a lot about nutrition but can’t figure out what’s not working. Sally will work with you to find simple solutions that focus on the physical responses, hunger, control, and energy level to help you create healthy eating patterns that work for you. The personalized program really shines with active adults trying to turn back their aging clock and those struggling with digestive struggles (bloat, migraines, gas, food sensitivities). Types of food, balance and timing can make a difference.

Where is your office?

Virtual and Anywhere! I come to you with online virtual nutrition and lifestyle services. But I can also see you in-person in California.

What is my investment?

Pricing varies depending on service but typically $95 – $995. Expect to invest some time and energy into your nutrition and lifestyle plan – your investment will result in personal long tern lifestyle solutions.

Do you take insurance?

In order to spend time, individualize service, and give you the best care, we chose to not be a participating insurance provider. Payment is due at time of service or registration. As a licensed practitioner with an NPI /medical provider number, as a “non-participating” provider,  we can give you a receipt that you may submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Sometimes, nutrition and  testing are covered in your HSA and Company Flex plan type programs. All major credit cards are accepted.

How do I start?

The first step is to contact us or even set up a complementary call. Once you register for services, we can evaluate your individual needs through a nutritional assessment that may includes metabolic / nutrient evaluation, nutrition and medical history. We’ll work with you to ensure your success. Whether the changes are big or small, you’ll have our help every step of the way.

What is the first appointment like?

The first appointment is a complete evaluation. This session takes about 60-75 min that includes history, clinical testing and evaluation of nutritional needs. You complete a questionnaire prior to the first appointment. Sometimes, you will require lab testing. You will leave with goals and a plan of action for eating.