Our Mission and Goals

Change our environment by changing the way we take care of ourselves

Creative visual arts to illustrate “why” environmental health is valuable to our world

Clean … Whole Food … Plant Based Living

Our Story

Bodyfuel Nutrition (now a division of Berry Creatives) was Sally’s opportunity to step beyond her traditional training and start working holistically – providing each person with the tools to gain their unique lifestyle, wellness and energy through plant based whole foods. Since 2002, Berry has developed a proven system that has helped over 4000 clients get results. This system continues be improved based on research, experience and additional testing.

The move to California in 2017 resulted in company vision and structure changes along with name change from Bodyfuel to Berry Creatives.  The core of our program still starts with taking care of our internal self, micronutrient evaluation / testing and good whole planet-friendly food resulting in lifetime wellness and most importantly …. helping to change our environment. Each person has a customized plan that can be effective anywhere with virtual counseling. This year, we will start transitioning to a visual arts focus as a means to convey the environmental mission.

  • Start with plant-based eco-friendly lifelong nutrition and wellness solutions for digestion, food sensitivities, fertility, aging and movement.
  • Then, refine personal longtime age-defying nutrition by adding testing biochemical nutrient evaluation unique to you.
  • Sally’s in-depth knowledge, experience, and step-by-step systems to give results otherwise not obtainable with other programs.
  • Creative visual arts to help convey the “why” environmental health is valuable to our world

Your Expected Results

  • Receive a Customized Plan for You
  • Improved energy, decreased fatigue, decreased brain fog
  • Removes bloat, gas, pain of digestion, and addresses celiac and gluten sensitivity
  • Decrease cravings while improving control over food
  • Relief from migraines and other inflammatory conditions related to food sensitivities
  • System developed with the experience of over 25 years of educating and counseling over 4000 clients
  • Improve energy performance, metabolism,  body composition
  • Increase fertility, improved menopause, weight imbalances, while slowing the aging process

About Sally

Sally BerryI call myself an “artistic scientist”. As an early lover of nature, photography, weather and the ocean, the biological sciences came easy for me.  I have loved the water and the surrounding nature as long as I can remember – especially annual family trips to the ocean.

Quiet in my youth, I was not good at speaking my voice until years later. I struggled with digestive problems from an early age – but otherwise very active and healthy. My very first nutrition job was in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with the Peace Corps in 1974. The two books that traveled with me were a paperback nutrition book by Adele Davis and the original version of “Diet for a Small Planet” by Francis Moore Lappe. My experience inspired me to go back to school and receive a graduate degree in Human Development with co-major in nutrition education and exercise physiology.

I have been a registered dietitian – nutritionist (RD/N) for over 35 years with certifications in Food Sensitivity (MRT / LEAP), Integrative Functional Nutrition (IFN), and Sports Nutrition (CSSD). I experienced an eclectic mix of jobs before opening my practice in 2002. Bodyfuel Nutrition was my opportunity to finally express my “voice” about nutrition, food and lifestyle that were not addressed in my traditional education. My past 10 years have evolved to focusing on environmental functional nutrition, digestion, food sensitivities, and woman specific topics. Since 2013, I have been teaching and helping those struggling to achieve their nutrition and lifestyle goals from anywhere with virtual nutrition. I teach nutrition as a college-level adjunct professor both in-class and online.

But my life changes, love of water and need to live near the ocean finally prompted a move to Santa Barbara, California.  This transformed my business focus to environmental nutrition and visual arts that support environmental wellness to humans, land and ocean and their unique connections. My favorite pastimes are swimming, yoga, photography and walking on the beach. I love learning… and giving back to our environment with planet friendly groups such as Mission Blue, Gaviota Coast Conservancy, Monterey Bay, and Nature Photography.

My mission for you….

Through visual arts and education I hope to share with and help those who struggle with their nutrition or how they feel to improve life quality and slow aging …. while at the same time improve the future of our earth.

By taking care of ourselves we can help change our environment